Paisley jangly pop legends Close Lobsters release a double album gathering together their back catalogue, on Fire Records.
The compilation takes its name, ‘Firestation Towers’, from perhaps their best-known tune, as it appeared on the NME’s seminal C-86 compilation.

The set brings together albums ‘Foxheads Stalk This Land’, ‘Headache Rhetoric’, and ‘Forever, Until Victory! The Singles Collection’ plus B-sides and bonus tracks – the singles collection having been re-engineered by Andrew Burnett and Graeme Wilmington in Glasgow and Paisley.

It also contains the original version of ‘Let’s Make Some Plans’, covered by felllow C86-ers The Wedding Present as the b-side to UK Top 20 hit ‘California’.

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Ach, here’s the entire track listing:

‘Headache Rhetoric’ CD

1. Lovely Little Swan
2. Gunpowderkeg
3. Nature Thing
4. My Days Are Numbered
5. Gutache
6. Got Apprehension
7. Gulp
8. Words On Power
9. Skyscrapers
10. Knee Trembler

‘Foxheads Stalk This Land’ CD

1. Just Too Bloody Stupid
2. Sewer Pipe Dream
3. I Kiss The Flowers in Bloom
4. Pathetique
5. A Prophecy
6. In Spite of These Times
7. Foxheads
8. I Take Bribes
9. Pimps
10. Mother of God

‘Forever, Until Victory! The Singles Collection’ CD

1. Going To Heaven To See If it Rains
2. Never Seen Before
3. Lets Make Some Plans
4. What Is There To Smile About
5. Loopholes
6. Nature Thing
7. Skyscrapers Of St. Mirin
8. In Spite Of These Times
9. From This Day On
10. Don’t Worry
11. Firestation Towers
12. Pimps
13. Hey Hey My My (Into The Black)
14. Paper Thin Hotel
15. Wide Waterways
16. Boys and Girls
17. Pathetik Trivia
18. Get What They Deserve
19. Never Seen Before (Live)