Clivey MacDougall releases a new EP, entitled ‘One Way System’.

It’s the third release in the past year from the Leith-based songwriter, and follows up his most recent recordings, the ‘Hardtimes Soft Petals‘ EP.

The five tracks, like its predecessors, are free to both stream and download.

As well as the title track – which references what MacDougall calls “the current situation,” where “now’s not the time for Fun of any kind,” there are four tunes – including ‘Kitty Oh Baby’, “a good ol’ fashioned ‘let`s head’ son”.

“Believe me, it`s speaking from the heart at the mo,” the singer says of the track, recorded like the rest of the EP during the past few months.

“I`m sure a few of us have seriously considered getting to hell away and stealing off in the middle of the night – well, this is for you,” he adds.

There’s also ‘Woody Norge’ – which references two standards, although the rest of the EP is self-penned. It is also, its writer says, “a seasonal warning against partaking of the local funghi”.

‘Loser’ is a tale of homesickness, and the closing track, just short of seven minutes in length, is ‘Rocking Horse Shit’ – “rare, as are holidays, prog rock songs and laughs at the moment.”