Citizen Bravo releases debut album ‘Build A Thing of Beauty’, on Chemikal Underground Records.

Under the alter-ego of former Zoey Van Goey man Matt Brennan, the 11 track release was produced by Andy Monaghan, of Frightened Rabbit.

Also contributing musically are Malcolm Benzie of eagleowl / Withered Hand fame on fiddle and guitar, Anna Miles, once of Maple Leaves, on vocals, and Modern Studies’ Pete Harvey, responsible for string arrangements.

The new album will be available as a download, apart from a physical limited edition of one – an interactive musical sculpture known as SCI★FI★HI★FI which will play back the album on the seven dominant formats throughout the ages – the phonograph cylinder, the 78, vinyl LP, cassette tape, CD, MP3 album download and as a stream from the cloud.

The album is also part of a research project on how the economic and environmental price of recorded music has changed over history.

More including the download itself – which remarkably costs just a fiver – at the Chemikal Underground shop – and at