Glasgow-based band Chinese Whispers release a new album, ‘About Time’.

The record comes 35 years on from their formation, the five-piece having reunited in 2019, having originated in 1984 in Clydebank.

An album release and University project by songwriter and keyboards player Graham Holley led three-fifths of the original line-up, including singer Calum McRae and bassist Brian Munro to get together, aided and abetted by long-term friend David MacDonald, and Glasgow-based guitarist, Robert Wilson.

The new release was inspired by the way that the ‘Stranger Things’ hit TV show recreated the feel of the time, the band attempting to to create an album that sounded like it was written and recorded in 1986 and taking cues from Beverley Hills Cop, Top Gun, Days Of Thunder and Footloose.