Check Masses release their debut album ‘Nightlife’ via Triassic Tusk Records.

The 10-track long-player includes singles ‘Dripn Angel‘ and ‘Lonesome Little Paradise’ is available digitally, or on 12″ vinyl.

The Leith-based trio – vocalist and lyricist ‘Philly’ Angelo Collins, sometime radio DJ and Fence Collective member Vic Galloway, and Saleem Andrew McGroarty (aka production monicker Sound Signals) – have been making music together since 2016, although producer McGroarty had been “stockpiling samples and ideas” for Collins since the pair worked on the vocalist’s 2010 debut solo album ‘Kings and Queens’.

Broadly, the trio would bring invividual song ideas and push these together into the fully-fledged tunes. ‘Unravelled’ was, we’re told, spurred by Galloway and Collins discussing past break-ups and coping mechanisms. “When Philly wrote the chorus line I was astonished… it completely sums up how we were both feeling,” Galloway says. “To me it shows how a writing team can almost be telepathic when working together.”

The live Check Masses features Jack Dorrian (Skjor, Riley, Dlu) on bass and Craig Somerville (The Merrylees, Rituals) on drums, but their talents are unlikely to be needed any time soon. However, additional musicians on the recording include Rory Sutherland of Broken Records, arranging strings on ‘Unravelled’, while ‘The Will of God’ features strings arranged and recorded by Pete Harvey at Pumpkinfield, performed by the Pumpkinseeds: Liam Lynch on violin & viola and Harvey on cello.

‘Nightlife’ track listing:
1. Dripn Angel
2. The Moon and You
3. Moroccan Skies
4. Lost in the City
5. Unravelled
6. Killers
7. Nightlife
8. Lonesome Little Paradise
9. The Sound You Make
10. The Will of God

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