Catholic Action release a new album ‘Celebrated by Strangers’ via Modern Sky Records.

Available on 12″ vinyl as well as CD and download, it follows up their debut long-player ‘In Memory Of’, which came out in autumn 2017.

However, the Glasgow-based four-piece had started work on ‘Celebrated By Strangers’ before ‘In Memory Of’ was even released.

Frontman, guitarist and producer Chris McCrory says that the new songs are born from a “completely different place” – while his work as an acclaimed producer has seen the new material rely less on guitar, the band say, use the studio and its atmosphere as an instrument in itself

“To me, it totally makes sense why people don’t buy guitar music because it’s so safe,” McCrory says. “Everyone is encouraged to keep it safe too. But despite the weight of guitar music’s history and its current status, I think there’s a lot of joy still to be had in it – especially if you embrace its current standing and turn the disadvantage on its head.”

“We’re an indie band and we play actual songs,” he continues, “but we never set out to do all that glossy, screaming teenage girls nonsense. We’re too ugly and we have no interest in doing that. It destroys the thing that you love, and I’m glad to be over that.”

The quartet – McCrory, Ryan Clark, Jamie Dubber and Andrew Macpherson – also see the need to make a statement through their music. Included in the album’s 11 tracks are “Tory-bating” lead single ‘One of Us’ as well as ‘Four Guitars (For Scottish Independence)’ and ‘People Don’t Protest Enough’..

“It’s definitely an opinionated record, that’s for sure,” says McCrory. “I wouldn’t want to make a record that didn’t say anything.

He continues: “In the UK in particular, we’re really apathetic and we just don’t protest enough. If we did we’d get more done. People need to organise and realise that they have the power if they want it.

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