Carla J Easton single ‘Never Knew You’, available to stream or download via the Olive Grove label.

It’s the second taster for her forthcoming album “Weirdo’, the follow-up to the SAY Award-shortlisted ‘Impossible Stuff’, which is due out on August 28th.

Both ‘Never Knew You’ and its predecessor ‘Get Out‘ feature on the new album, written over the course of a year along with Scott Paterson (out of Sons and Daughters) in Chvrches’ old basement studio in Glasgow.

The new songwriting partnership met and became friends whilst playing in the live band for The Vaselines 2019 tour and began working together on songs after playing at The Boaty Weekender by Belle and Sebastian.

‘Never Knew You’ was written following Easton being diagnosed with anxiety, and beginning Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, a therapeutic practice that aims to change problematic behavioural patterns.

“I had a difficult year in 2019 and began CBT after being diagnosed with anxiety, low self-esteem and grief that had been shadowing my life since I was a teenager,” she explains. “It’s important to recognise the people you surround yourself with and the support they can offer you”.

The album also features appearances from Honeyblood’s Stina Tweeddale, Micah Erenberg and Dave Hook (Solareye, Stanley Odd), and its tracklisting reads thus:

1. Get Lost
2. Heart So Hard
3. Spun Out
4. Waves That Fall (feat. Solareye)
5. Never Knew You
6. Signing It In Blood
7. Beautiful Boy
8. Over You
9. Weirdo (ft. Honeyblood)
10. Catch Me If I Fall
11. Coming Up Daisies
12. Thorns

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