Carbs release debut album ‘Joyous Material Failure’, on the Simply Thrilled label.

The duo – Jonnie Common, and Jamie Scott out of Conquering Animal Sound,recoporded the eight-track opus over the space of a year when not working on their own projects.
The CD version – limited to 100 copies – comes as a pizza printed disc (er, that means it’s housed in a 5-inch pizza box) and comes with a an eight-page menu, sorry, informational booklet.

The album title “Joyous Material Failure” comes from a phrase used by designer Simon Harlow in a lecture, which the duo credit as an inspiration for the album. Just in case you were wondering….

1. Stick A Flake In Me (I’m Done)
2. James Special
3. Infinite Ammo
4. Fat Back To The Future
5. Waterworld
6. Pizza Time O’Clock
7. Life Drawing
8. Salty

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