Edinburgh-based Candythief releases her third full-length album, ‘Imaginary Medals’.

The nom-de-plume of Diana de Cabarrus, Candythief first emerged in association with Fife’s Fence Collective in 2006 with debut album ‘like/ulike’, as well as spending time in the London anti-folk scene.

The nine tracks include seven self-penned tunes, plus versions of jazz standard ‘St James Infirmary Blues’, and traditional folk song ‘Rosemary Lane’, which she first saw being performed by Pumajaw aka John Wills and Pinkie Maclure. Wills, formerly of experimental trance-rockers Loop, produced the album.

Others who contributed to the release include bassist Barry Hughes, Anne Aulmann, on cello/vocals, Andy Phillip (accordion/guitar/vocals), percussionist Jack Fawcett, and Jem Doulton, who is currently working for Thurston Moore/Roisin Murphy on drums and percussion.

The album is available on CD as well as a download.

Track listing:
1. Red Rivers
2. Today
3. St James Infirmary Blues
4. Imaginary Medals
5. The Sand And The Hill
6. Rosemary Lane
7. The Starting Gun
8. Time In The Tin
9. Marching Song

More at candythiefmusic.com