Maybe it’s their background, formed in the West of Scotland, that has seen Campfires in Winter record in the highest village in Scotland and get the resultant EP mastered in Skye. Such ambitious ideas come through in their music too – throwing in terms like post-rock, alt.folk and electronic does the four-piece a disservice when they blend flawless harmonies, unexpected time changes and cutlery-as-percussion for a sound that is… well, best explained by the chaps in question…

Robert ‘Boab’ Canavan – vocals, guitar
Scott McArthur – vocals, keyboard, guitar
Wullie Crainey – bass, vocals
Ewan Denny – drums, percussion.

We’ve been together in one form or another since 18th December 2004 so we recently just turned 9! But we only became Campfires In Winter in 2009, having gone under another guise during the years before that. Denny joined us on drums in 2011 after a short stint as a three piece.

We originally formed in a village just outside of Glasgow called Croy. I think no matter where we now live we’ll always say we’re from there – much to Denny’s annoyance, as he’s from Cumbernauld and has absolutely no connection to Croy whatsoever. I feel it helps differentiate ourselves a little from the rest of the Glasgow bands.

What?I always struggle a bit when it comes to describing our sound. There are definitely some post rock influences in there, particularly when you look at the constantly changing dynamics of the songs. But we also love listening to pop music, so we try always to make the melody memorable too, even at our noisiest. I think.

We’ve released a few things in the last year. We had our ‘White Lights’ single in March, then released the ‘Picture of Health’ EP at the end of September. Next year should be a busy one too. We’ll be working on our debut album as well as releasing a single or two.

Why?To put it very simply, we’re making music because we enjoy it. We enjoy playing live, writing, recording, rehearsing. Everything. If it stopped being enjoyable then we wouldn’t do it any more. If there ever comes a time when we make enough money to live a comfortable life then fantastic, but if that never happens then we can at least say we really enjoyed all those years together playing in wee stinking rooms.

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