Camera Obscura re-release two singles – ‘Teenager’ and ‘Keep It Clean’.

The reissues are to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Elefant Records – the SPanish label which put much of the band’s early catalogue includingthe landmark albums ‘Underachievers Please Try Harder’ and ‘Let’s Get Out Of This Country’.

Both singles will be released for the first time on vinyl – originally having been CD-only.

‘Teenager’ was the band’s first single for the Madrid-based label, and came with ‘A Sister’s Social Agony’, ‘I Don’t Want To See You’ and ‘Footloose And Fancy Free’ – the latter two only having appeared on the CD single at the time. All four tracks appear on the new limited-edition, yellow vinyl release.

‘Keep It Clean’ and ‘Suspended From Class’ came from ‘Underachievers Please Try Harder’, and again there are two tracks which only appeared on the original CD single – Amigo Mío’ and ‘San Francisco Song’, making for a four-tracl clear vinyl 7″.

Both singles can be obtained from the Elefant Records website.