Calum Baird releases a three-track EP, ‘A View From the Notebooks’.

Available as a Bandcamp download, as well as the usual streaming services, the three tracks from the Falkirk-based singer-songwriter follow up single ‘The Stones of Tomorrow‘, released in June.

There are three tunes on the release – ‘Ways of Being’, ‘When the Tables Turn’ and ‘Contemplating the Sunflowers’ – all “written in collaboration with 2020”.

The self-written and recorded tracks produced in Baird’s home studio over a period of two or three months during lockdown, the songwriter learning to be a producer as the EP progressed. He also took up painting during 2020, designing the artwork himself.

Baird has worked as a musician for seven years, performing alongside the likes of Dick Gaughan, The Jellyman’s Daughter, Kyle Falconer, Andy Irvine and Attila the Stockbroker.

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