Calum Baird releases a new single, ‘The Stones of Tomorrow’.

It’s the first new material from the Falkirk-based singer since ‘Modern Man‘, released last October.

The 26-year-old wrote and recorded the new song in his home studio during lockdown, with production and engineering done online by Edinburgh musician, Jack Hinks, who also appeared on the previous release.

Having been a performer for seven years, the songwriter and activist has worked alongside the likes of Dick Gaughan, The Jellyman’s Daughter and Kyle Falconer, as well a diverse range of non-Scots musicians including David Rovics, Andy Irvine (Ireland) and Attila the Stockbroker.

Baird describes the new song as “a reflection on the process of existence, learning and how I engage with social existence through my work as an artist.”

He also describes the song’s arrangement which involved a Lindo guitar sporting natural reverb due to its being in ‘Nashville tuning’ – “a style of acoustic guitar tuning heard on Joni Mitchell tracks as well as some songs by The Smiths and Rolling Stones… the top four strings are tuned an octave higher than on a guitar in standard tuning.”

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