Callum Easter releases a new album, ‘Green Door Sessions’, via Moshi Moshi Records.

It’s a compilation of sorts, re-recordings of tracks from his first two EPs and debut album ‘Here or Nowhere’, originally released on Lost Map.

Including recent single ‘Pop Goes The Weasel‘ the 10 track long player is available on 12″ coloured vinyl as well as download.

And as its title suggests, Easter returned to where the original versions of the album’s 10 tracks were originally recorded – Glasgow’s Green Door studios.

“The premise was to record the versions of the songs I’d been performing live using mainly accordion, drum machine and drone,” he says. “One take, no overdubs, straight to tape.”

Growing up on Scotland’s east coast, Easter didn’t start making music until he was 21, shunning a promising career as a footballer to become a solo artist, as well as forming part of Young Fathers live setup.

The accordion is prominent in Easter’s work and particularly in the new release. “It’s not an instrument I considered playing until I picked one up in a charity shop,” he says.

“I wanted to face the crowd and sing… the spectacle appealed too, it’s pretty physical singing and playing whilst on your feet. I think people enjoy seeing you struggle and take chances.”

The songs concern “Love, injustice, commonality, longing, acceptance, and having no regrets.” Easter jokes: “I probably do melancholy a bit too well. But I’m working on that.”

Track listing:
1. Lonely World
2. Want It Sometimes
3. Promises
4. Fall Down
5. One Thought
6. Back Beat
7. Pop Goes The Weasel
8. Tell ‘Em Boy
9. Only Sun
10. Feelings Gone

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