Callum Baird releases his second album ‘That Broken Buckle’.

The 10-track effort is available to stream on Spotify, or download via Bandcamp.

‘That Broken Buckle’ follows up 2010’s ‘The Life You Hit’, although Baird more recently shared a split mini-album ‘Something Rotten with GUMS!

The latest collection, described simply as “songs about life in Scotland” were mostly written and recorded in that period since his debut- around five years ago.

The Glasgow-based songwriter has, it’s fair to say, had other things to occupy his time – one song from 2014, ‘Better Off Alone’, about Scottish independence, which was published in 2014, attained 25,000 views on YouTube. One favoured review describes his work as music which “somehow manages to make you feel proud and ashamed to be Scottish at the same time.”

Baird is also editor of two major Scottish newspapers – The National and the Glasgow (Evening) Times.
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