Calamateur re-releases 2004 album ‘The Old Fox of ’45’

The 10 track long player was the debut release on Autoclave Records, for Andrew Howie, who now records under his given name, but who used the Calamateur moniker for a string of albums in the early noughties, as well as debut single ‘White Light Unknown’ which picked up airplay on the John Peel show at the time.

The re-mastered re-release is available as a download, with the website also republishing some of the reviews of the release at the time – including Howie’s favourite: from Teletext’s (remember Teletext?!) Planet Sound:

“…stunning…a work of beauty…what took Snow Patrol’s 3 albums and 4 people to accomplish, Calamateur’s Andrew Howie manages straight off with songs of desolate beauty underpinned with a savage hope. Buy it.

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