Cafolla releases an acoustic EP comprising new versions of songs originally from his debut album Cowboys & Africans‘.

Its release has been brought forward thanks to “a need to release new music when we all need it more than ever.”

The five-track take on last year’s long-player from the former frontman of Federation of the Disco Pimp includes one brand new song, and features three guest vocalists – Unoma Okudo, Jamie Hylands, and Chris Judge.

Also on the mini-album are former Disco Pimo bandmates Ross Saunders, Michael Berrich and Dade Thomas, while there are guest appearances by Ben Holloway and Mark Rafferty.

Saunders also engineered, mixed, and with Cafolla, co-produced the new release at Glo Worm and Dusty Reel in Glasgow while it was mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at TurtleTone Studios, in New York.

The album can be streamed on Spotify as well as its being available as a bandcamp download.

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