C Duncan releases his second album ‘The Midnight Sun’, via the Fat Cat label.

C (Chris to his mum) has cited ancient US sci-fi TV show The Twilight Zone as inspiration for the new long-player. “I knew I wanted the album to have more of a theme/thread throughout it which ‘Architect’ didn’t have.

“I have always had a bit of an obsession with The Twilight Zone (the original 1960s series) – the strange stories, the often brooding atmosphere, and the stylised aesthetic,” he said.

The album is named after a Twilight Zone season 3 episode first aired in 1961, in which the Earth’s orbit has been perturbed, causing it to fall slowly towards the sun.

Like debut ‘Architect,’ ‘The Midnight Sun’ was recorded and produced entirely by C Duncan in his Glasgow flat.

Includes first singles ‘On Course ‘ and ‘Wanted To Want It Too’.