Butler’s Experiment release a new single, ‘Control’.

Available to download, the track from the Glasgow-based quintet follows an album released earlier this year, ‘Torchlight Splinters’, which was recorded at La Chunky Studio by Johnny Smillie.

The five-piece band, Garry Daniel (guitar), Steve Butler (vocals), Eric Poytner (keyboards), Julz Smith (bass), and Chris Struzik (drums) – formed in 2017.

Vocalist Steve Butler says of the band’s sound: “If you hear the term ‘Prog Rock’ and start imagining a pasty looking bloke forlornly looking over a castle battlement in a big white shirt, singing something about how his dinner plans might be influenced by the approaching Dragon, it is time to think again.”

More at www.facebook.com/ButlersExperiment.