Glasgow-based trio Bunkhouse release a new single, ‘Middle Management’.

It follows the band’s self-titled debut album, which came out late in January this year.

The threesome are comprised of members of other indie acts from the Glasgow (and Irish) scenes – Chris Elkin, of The Just Joans as well as The Hector Collectors, My Legendary Girlfriend and Dot to Dot – is on vocals, guitar, and keyboards.

Bassist/vocalist Laura Kelly is originally from from Galway and is previously a member of Dublin act Fonda.

Drummer Arion Xenos, who also contributes saxophone, is a bandmate of Elkin in The Just Joans, as well as playing in Glasgow act Gallus and in The Wife Guys of Reddit.

Bunkhouse, perhaps optimistically, list a couple of gigs, their first of the year, playing on August 9th at Glasgow’s Hug and Pint, followed by a show on September 19th show at Broadcast with Mr. Ben & the Bens.

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