Bubblegum Lemonade release a new 12-track album, ‘The Great Leap Backward’, on the Matinée label.

The dozen-track opus from Lawerence McCluskey and chums follows up third album ‘Some Like It Pop’

Among the dozen tunes are recent single ‘Beard On A Bike’. The full tracklisting reqds as follows:

1. Hit The Ground Running
2. The Last Girl
3. Beard On A Bike
4. The Only Constant Is Change
5. Wishing It Were Friday
6. Straight To The Heart Of The Sun
7. The Great Leap Backward
8. Tongue Tied
9. Summer In Your Hand
10. As Dead As Disco
11. You Bring The Rain
12. Don’t Get The Last Train

More at matineerecordings.com / www.facebook.com/bubblegumlemonade