Brontosaurus release their debut album, entitled ‘These People’, on the Puzzled Aardvark label.

Frontman / guitarist Joe Greatorex wrote the album’s 12 songs in late 2019 before “roping in all the most talented people I know,” as the veteran of acts such as Colin’s Godson and Hector Collectors describes the recruitment process.

Brontosaurus – Greek for ‘thunder lizard’ – also include: long-time collaborator Dave Gillies (formerly of How to Swim and Machines in Heaven) on bass, keyboards and backing vocals, and Rob Duncan (formerly of Eddy & the T-Bolts) on lead guitar.

Ian Cronan (of How to Swim, Mother and the Addicts, and Radiophonic Tuckshop) and Tommy Duffin (who recently toured with The Cosmic Dead) share drumming duties, with the latter having engineered and mixed the album, which was recorded in his Dennistoun studio. Mastering was done by Denis Blackham, who has a long list of credits including The Move, Wire, Madness, Blondie and The Ramones.

And James McColl of The Hussy’s and The Supernaturals – with whom Greatorex recently toured with, playing guitar – initially agreed to provide backing vocals, but eventually was co-opted into playing trumpet, saxophone, flute and harmonica.

“I felt I wanted to take some of the lessons I learned from that experience and apply it to my own music,” the Brontosaurus frontman explains.

Describing the album’s subject matter as inspired by “everyday life, iconic t-shirts and some Scottish musical legends,” he says: “I wanted to focus on moments of self-doubt and self-reflection that aren’t objectively important, but at the same time are universally resonant.

Greatorex – on lead vocals, as well as guitar and synthesiser – adds: “The last big session we did was in March 2020, luckily the weekend before lockdown. The band only came into existence properly in 2020 and lockdown happened so no chances to gig for a while, but with any luck we should be able to play some live shows as soon as it’s a thing again.”

‘These People’ is available to stream or download, but purchasing via Bandcamp will offer various options including a download / t-shirt bundle.

As the singer admits: “Our primary inspiration is to be a t-shirt band and have people who have never heard our music walking around in our tees bought from Primark, much like Motorhead, Nirvana or The Ramones. We made sure we had an iconic logo before we even started making any music!”

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There’s also a lockdown-friendly music video made by friend of the band Martin Campbell of Lizard Bunch Productions.

Brontosaurus – These People. from Lizard Brunch Productions on Vimeo.