Broken Records release their fourth studio album entitled ‘What We Might Know’, via their own J Sharp label.

The band, whose current lineup is Jamie Sutherland, Rory Sutherland, Andy Keeney, Ian Turnbull, Craig Ross and Adam McMillan – recently celebrated their 10th anniversary, with a decade of US and European touring.

Their studio catalogue so far includes the release of two albums on the legendary 4AD label; ‘Until The Earth begins To Part’ (2009), and ‘Let Me Come Home’ (2010), which were followed by another on the band’s own imprint, 2014’s ‘Weights & Pulleys’.

For the new release, the band have re-united with producer Stephen Watkins – who apart from working with PAWS, Amanda Palmer, and Teen Canteen, recorded the Edinburgh quintet’s self-released debut EP in 2007.

The eleven songs, stripped back to revisit the live energy of that early EP, include lead single ‘They Won’t Ever Leave Us Alone’.

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