Broken Records release a new album, ‘Live At Summerhall’.

It follows up the original 5 track ‘Live At Summerhall’ EP promoted through the Edinburgh combo’s mailing list earlier this year.

The full original set of 15 songs was restricted owing to much of the material coming from the forthcoming (at the time) long player ‘What We Might Know’, but now the entire show is available to download.

The August 2016 show, with live sound by Simon Kasprowicz, was recorded and engineered by Jo Main alongside Stephen Watkins, who would also produce the studio album which appeared in March this year.

As the band say: “We’ve even thrown in all the between-song rambling, tuning noises, gear malfunctions and heckles at no extra cost!”

Tracklisting –

1. They Won’t Ever Leave Us Alone
2. Let The Right One In
3. Winterless Son
4. I Used To Dream
5. A Leaving Song
6. A Darkness Rises Up
7. A Promise
8. Weights & Pulleys
9. Perfect Hollow Love
10. The Inbetween
11. You Know You’re Not Dead
12. Nearly Home
13. I Won’t Leave You In The Dark
14. Ditty (We Weren’t Ready)
15. Someday You’ll Remember Me

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