Broken Chanter releases another instrumental EP, entitled ‘Ambient 5: The Shut It Assembly’.

The fifthe in a series of lockdown recordings from Kid Canaveral frontman David MacGregor, it again nods to the work of Brian Eno and on this occasion taking inspiration from 1992’s ‘The Shutov Assembly’ (which itself was dedicated to Russian artist Sergei Shutov).

The four tracks were written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by MacGregor at Compact Noise in Glasgow over the space of four days at the end of September 2020.

‘The Shut It Assembly’ follows ‘Another Green Whirl‘, the fourth in a series which has seen MacGregor put out a home-produced collection pretty much every month since spring.

Of the new EP, MacGregor says: “Once again, the tracks are ambient inasmuch as they’re intended to accompany whatever you find yourself filling your days with at the moment – a hopefully enjoyable accompaniment to reading, cooking, relaxing, commuting, or even just staring anxiously at the wall.”

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