Broken Chanter releases a new EP, ‘Ambient 4: Another Green Whirl’, as a download.

The fourth part in a series which began in May with ‘Ambient 1: Music For Airing Cupboards‘, it continues the theme of Brian Eno-aping titles and, presumably, -inspired songs.

The solo guise of Kid Canaveral frontman David MacGregor again fills a gap following his most recent physical release, 2019’s self-titled debut album, the nine-track long-player available via a joint venture between Last Night From Glasgow and Olive Grove labels.

The four latest tunes – ‘euphoric post-boak salutation’, ‘The Novelisation of Rocky IV’ (featuring Danny Eccles aka “Sneeze”, who also wrote the words), ‘Beta Blocking Beats’, and ‘I Wanna Be [MORE THOROUGHLY] Sedated’- were written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by MacGregor at Compact Noise, Glasgow, over the space of two days in early September 2020.

Previously the singer-songwriter turned electronica creator said: “The tracks are ambient inasmuch as they’re intended to accompany whatever you find yourself filling your days with at the moment – a hopefully enjoyable accompaniment to reading, cooking, relaxing, commuting, or even just staring anxiously at the wall.”

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