Broken Chanter releases a new EP, ‘Ambient 1: Music For Airing Cupboards’, as a download.

The four tunes – ‘Abhainn Glac Na H-Eaglais’, ‘Cairnlea’, ‘Shutter’ and ‘Agnes’ – follow up MacGregor’s self-titled debut under the Broken Chanter banner, released in autumn 2019.

Recorded within the space of 4 1/2 days for Bandcamp’s ‘no-fees Friday’ at Glasgow’s Compact Noise studio (which may well be an airing cupboard or similar), the four tracks are instrumentals as the title of the EP’s nod to Brian Eno suggests, although being rather closer to the tuneful pop that David MacGregor makes with Kid Canaveral as well as under his Broken Chanter monicker.

Indeed, the singer/songwriter says of the ‘new direction’: “What do you do when tours are cancelled, festivals are shelved, there will be no gigs the foreseeable, and a touch of global pandemic-related writer’s block has gripped you?

“It’s not a change of direction or anything,” he adds, “but it’s been a focussing and relaxing thing to do and it has got the creative juices flowing again.

“The tracks are ambient inasmuch as they’re intended to accompany whatever you find yourself filling your days with at the moment – a hopefully enjoyable accompaniment to reading, cooking, relaxing, commuting, or even just staring anxiously at the wall.”

As MacGregor points out, live shows are very much off the table for now, although there is hopefully one on October 23rd at the Harbour Arts Centre in Irvine.

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