Book Group release their second EP, ‘Tantrums’, on May 17th. The four tracks – ‘Here Is Too Near’, ‘Get Up And Go Go Go’, ‘Rough Wooing’ and ‘Best Regards’ were recorded and produced by Bruce Rintoul at 45 A-Side Recordings and, I think, are available as a 7″ single (don’t quote me on that though, check out their website).
Tantrums is the four-piece’s second EP , and follows up last November’s Gerry Loves Records AA single ‘Victory Lap’/’The Lowdown of a LOUD Sound’.

The band launch the record on 17th May in Edinburgh (Leith’s Henderson Halls to be precise), with support from Jesus H Foxx, Pronto Mama, and the Live From The Latin Quarter DJs. There’s also a Dundee show on May 24th – more details at