The artists formerly known as Bad Books, and sporting guitarists formerly in Come On Gang! and The Kays Lavelle, Edinburgh-based Book Group have brought those influences and mixed them in with a healthy dose of skewed alt.pop.

We posed them the usual basic questions…

Book Group are Michael Morrison (Guitar), Graeme Anderson (vocals, guitars and noises), Scott Finnigan (bass and vocals) and Andrew Brodie (drums).

Book Group started off two years ago. Chap asked Graeme to play acoustic gig at nobles in Leith. Graeme decides to turn it up a lot by getting Michael involved. Then he asks Scott. Michael asks Andrew. We all turn up and play. It was fab! (self assessment).

Currently plotting new tunes and recordings but planning to do a couple of summer dates. We’ve got a festival or two up our sleeve and looking forward to Go North next week. Our live shows are coming together and it’s been nice to have received some good feedback for our EP launch and Gnomegame gigs. We can be a bit unpredictable at times but I think this keeps the excitement levels up.

Angry pop. I think our current EP ‘Homeward Sound’ sums this up and it has been a theme through a lot of our first tunes – that feeling of frustration about a lack of get up and go with folk and places. That should be our mission statement – to kick people’s arses in a non-violent and encouraging way.

Enjoyment. I’ll have to quote our drummer on this. it’s got to be about experiences. If you aren’t enjoying gigs or recordings then why are you doing it. I’d be lying if I said we wouldn’t want some form of success but the truth is that the success I’d like would lead us to better and more positive experiences. Things like playing decent festivals, doing tours and making music with good friends would be worth it for me. I’d be happy living on falafel, home brew and wham bars!

The debut ‘Homeward Sound’ EP is out now in a variety of physical formats, as well as a download (below).

More on the band at their Facebook page page