Friends in America, Dead or American, Damn Teeth, and recent BBC ‘Part Time Band’ winners Bombskare are among the acts who have contributed to a new charity compilation, ‘Kereru’, released by Struggletown Records.

The fundraiser has been set up by the labels to help out the family of Steven Hill, responsible or many Glasgow punk / DIY shows over the years, to raise cash for his stepmother’s family back in New Zealand. She has been sadly diagosed with terminal cancer with a short prognosis, and the cash raised will go towards helping out Steven’s seven year old sister and fifteen year old brother.

Among the others adding to the 55-strong track listing are Black International, Bear Arms, Carnivores, Culann, Wecamefromwolves, Civil Elegies, Thin Privilege, Dead or American, Damn Teeth and Seas, Starry to name but a dozen or so. As the label opint out this amounts to around 18 pence per track!

Steven has said of the compilation and gofundme:
“For me, to be able to help raise money to support them when I am unable to be there in their time of great need, will be the least that I can do. I aim to raise money by as many avenues as I can think of to help take the burden of pressure off of my dad and my step-mum.

“I cannot thank each of the bands who contributed to this compilation enough. It’s amazing to me to see so many talented people come together to help us in our time of need.”

If you wish to donate without the download, please visit: