BMX Bandits release a new EP of remixes by one-time member HiFi Sean.

Available as a Bandcamp download, the three takes on ‘Razorblades & Honey’ include extended and dub versions, remixed by the former Soup Dragons member.

The track was originally
original version taken from the 2017 album ‘BMX Bandits Forever‘ on Madrid’s Elefant Records – written and recorded in Berlin by Duglas T Stewart and The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe.

Sean Dickson said of the reworkings of the track: “All of you who have seen the Teenage Superstars movie will know myself & Duglas from BMX Bandits go way back to our teenage years and this track he wrote with Anton from The Brian Jonestown Massacre caught my ear and I offered to revise it in an electronic style & I also made & edited the video for it too.

Bandits mainman Duglas T Stewart responded: “Thank you to Sean for starting BMX Bandits with me in 1985 and making this new release possible.”

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