BMX Bandits release a new single, ‘It’s In Her Eyes’, via Spanish label Elefant.

Taken from the current ‘BMX Bandits Forever’ album, the digital-only release includes two previously unavailable songs and is available via Spotify and iTunes.

The two exclusive tunes are ‘You’re So Fine’ and ‘Ferdinand’s Cathedral’ – the latter of which, like ‘It’s In Her Eyes’, recorded with Dr. Cosmo’s Tape Lab.

‘You’re So Fine’ is an Alex Chilton tune, discovered by head Bandit Duglas T Stewart when Teenage Fanclub recorded it live with the Big Star frontman in the early 1990s.

“Ferdinand’s Cathedral’ is a song about artist Ferdinand Cheval – suggested as a subject by former Swell Map Jowe Head, and recorded with Radiophonic Tuckshopper Joe Kane, Stu Kidd out of The Wellgreen, and Teenage Fanclub’s Norman Blake.

The EP is available now at the Elefant Records website.