BMX Bandits release a new album, ‘Forever’, via Spain’s Elefant Records.

It’s the 11th studio long-player from the band, who are celebrating more than 30 years in the music business.

The 16-track effort is as an orange vinyl vinyl pressing limited to 500 copies, as well as as a CD or download.

As well as stalwart frontman Duglas T Stewart, the BMX Bandits now features Stuart Kidd, who as well as being a regular member of Euros Child’s band, is also involved with The Wellgreen, Dr. Cosmo’s Tape Lab amd Lpiumd Stotre Riot as well as his own act Kidd.

The album features two tunes in collaboration with Dr. Cosmo’s Tape Lab, as well as one, ‘Saveoursmiles’, co-written with Francis MacDonald for the album the band made with Yeongene a few years ago.

Vocals are also provided by another new member, Chloe Philip, who also plays multiple instruments, while ‘Razorblades & Honey’ includes the presence of Anton Newcombe out of Brian Jonestown Massacre.

As well as a dozen tunes penned by Stewart along with various Bandits, there are a clutch of cover versions – a version of Leonard Bernstein’s ‘Somewhere, made famous in West Side Story, a take on Marcos Valle’s ‘De Mais Do Que Valsa’ (which he wrote his own lyrics for, in English.

Also included are BMX Bandits’ unique takes on ‘That Lonely Feeling’, originally by sister duo, The McKinleys, and The Beach Boys’ ‘Forever’.