Blue Tiger release debut EP ‘Artifice’ via OK Pal Records.

Including single ‘Eta Carinae’ the five tracks are available as a digital download, with the option of including an A3 print designed by Mario Cruzado as part of the purchase.

Peruvian-born, Edinburgh-based Cruzado is the man behind Blue Tiger, and was formerly frontman of Plastic Animals, who released a full-length album, ‘Pictures from The Blackout‘, on Song By Toad Records in 2016.

“If I was to sum up these songs, there’s a running theme of melancholy and hope” Cruzado says of the EP. “When I was 6 years old, the kids in the neighbourhood gave me the nickname ‘happy/sad’. I reckon that fits this collection of songs very well”.

Cruzado grew up listening to 70s and 80s Latin American chart stars such as José José and Los Iracundos – famous for their melodramatic performances and heart-break ballads. Something about the temperament of these performers stuck with him over the years. “In my personal life, I am pretty subdued” he says, “which is probably why I really enjoy watching some of these artists perform in a really emotive way. It’s like a safe place to be as expressive about life’s tragedies as you want”.

The EP was self-recorded over the past six months, with contributions from Robyn Dawson (Meursault, Jamie Sutherland) on violin and Hailey Beavis – label boss alongside Faith Eliott – taking on guest vocals on ‘Alone With You’.

“Making this record was really good for me because I learnt a lot about what I like musically and how to get to it,” Cruzado adds. “I think I work better slowly. Having the time to listen to demos and previous versions, reshuffling parts, re-recording others, was a luxury afforded by lockdown”.

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