Big Time Quell release their debut EP ‘Greatest Hits’.

The five tracks from the Lerwick comedy-rock-reggae-folk-pop-jazz-80s-synth-etc combo cover a night-out in Thailand gone wrong, a drunken fecal mishap, Harry Kane, soul patches and lobsters.

Self-released via Future Cowboy, the EP was recorded earlier this year at Mareel Recording Studio in Lerwick, Shetland by Lau sound engineer and Mystery Juice fiddler Tim Matthew.

The band, who morphed from an acoustic duo to full band in 2015, are: Jamie Hatch (guitar/vocals), Thomas Jones (guitar/vocals), Chris Cope (bass), Robert Balfour (drums) and Norman Willmore (saxophone).

The EP is available digitally, with a physical release in the offing.

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