Another posthumous release from Bert Jansch is now available from Earth Recordings.

Recorded live at Melbourne’s Continental Cafe in March 1998, ‘Downunder: Live In Australia’ is a largely acoustic set from the guitar legend, with contributions from Pete Howell (bass) and Ian Clarke (percussion).

The 12-track opus is available on vinyl for the first time, remastered from ythe original tapes by Brian Pyle.

The set is less heavy on regular set staples, instead featuring less familiar material including the debut of two new (at the time) songs; the aptly-titled ‘Downunder’ and ‘My Donald’.

Also performed is ‘Little Max’ which was never recorded in the studio and only turned up in amongst some recently discovered home recordings which will feature in Earth’s forthcoming ‘Living In The Shadows’ collection.

Track Listing
1. Paper Houses
2. Toy Balloon
3. My Donald
4. Born and Bred in Old Ireland
5. She Moved Through The Fair
6. Carnival
7. Little Max
8. Strolling Down The Highway
9. Angi
10. Curragh of Kildare
11. Downunder
12. How It All Came Down