Ben Seal releases a new single ‘I Want’ on Piggery Records.

It’s the first new music from “Scotland’s Rural-Queer-Producer” since the recent album ‘Death & More’ was released in October, along with its lead single from last September, ‘Glory‘.

Mixed by Dan Gautreau, the latest from the gender non-conforming surfer/skateboarder is, they say, a love letter to an old friend who is a trans-woman skateboarder and custom hot-rod builder in California.

The lyric “I wanna go surfing I wanna be perfect” “reflects on the nature of desire in lockdown and a person’s need to be able to express themselves. It’s also a call to anyone struggling to marry their diverse identities, whether that’s cis or trans, masc or femme!”

The video for ‘I Want’ was made from donated footage from the global Trans/Queer skate scene, notably @queerskategalsgow @queerskatecollective @kickturnbabes, and animated by Bristol firm Giggle, to coincide with LGBTQ history month in February.

‘I Want’ precedes Seal’s next single, ‘The Moustache Question’, is, we’re advised, “about loving girls with moustaches and wanting them to be their Burlfriend!”

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