Belle and Sebastian release a new album, coinciding with the third part of their ‘How To Solve Our Human Problems’ EP trilogy.

ON the Matador label, the ‘Parts 1-3’ compilation gathers together 15 new songs including previous lead tracks ‘We Were Beautiful’, ‘I’ll Be Your Pilot’, and the new five track which starts with ‘Poor Boy’.

The latest instalment, now on Spotify, also includes ‘Best Friend’, which features TeenCanteen frontwoman Carla J Easton, who co-wrote and sings on the song. And from EPs 1 and 2, there’s an unusual event in a Stevie Jackson/Murdoch duet, ‘Sweet Dew Lee’, as well as Sarah Martin’s led ‘Fickle Season’.

Full track listing:
1. Sweet Dew Lee
2. We Were Beautiful
3. Fickle Season
4. The Girl Doesn’t Get It
5. Everything Is Now
6. Show Me The Sun
7. Same Star
8. I’ll Be Your Pilot
9. Cornflakes
10. A Plague On All Other Boys
11. Poor Boy
12. Everything Is Now (Part Two)
13. Too Many Tears
14. There Is An Everlasting Song
15. Best Friend