Unashamedly fans of power pop, here’s a quintet who have been compared to the likes of Weezer and The Cars and classic pop from the 50s and 60s.

Could it be that they’re not from the at-times self-consciously hip central belt that allows them to namecheck the likes of Frankie Valli with no fear of reproach? Just one way to find out…

Be Like Pablo


Be Like Pablo comprises Ewen Watson. Ross Watson, Andrew Stepien, Karen Mcluaghlan and Jamie Murphy.


Ewen and Ross are brothers and have been playing in bands together for many years. They formed Be Like Pablo with their friend Jamie Murphy in 2009 and brought in childhood friends Karen and Andrew a few years later.


We are from the town of Forres in the north-east coast of Scotland but our band members have scattered a little bit over the years. We recorded our latest single in Belfast with our amazing producer Rocky O’Reilly.


We are an independent band so we pretty much release our own records but we have a publishing deal with a fantastic company based in Brighton called Raygun Music. We fund all of our own recordings and music videos but we recently received a very kind offer of financial support from an organisation called Findhorn Bay Arts which helped us significantly with our latest music videos. Apart from our catchy songs, music videos are probably our strongest asset: our band has a lot of character and we always try to make fun, high-quality videos that show off our colourful personalities.


We call ourselves powerpop: big, classic choruses, upbeat vocal melodies, punchy guitars and lush harmonies. The Cars crossed with early Weezer you could say. The kind of pop music people who were born in the 80s and grew up in the 90s should be making.


It sounds cheesy but we do this because we love making music and feel there is a huge powerpop-shaped void in people’s lives. If we were doing it to be cool or make money, we’d have quite years ago. It’s a lot of fun, despite the recurring risk of financial peril.

Single ‘My Kind Of Girl’ is out now.
More at www.belikepablo.com