Be Charlotte releases a new single ‘Rumours Don’t Work’, through Sony’s Insanity label.

Available digitally, the new track was written and produced two years ago, in her flat in Dennistoun, Glasgow.

Which is ironic as the Dundonian songwriter and producer – Charlotte Brimmer to her close friends – recently took her Taylor GS Mini guitar and her Ableton production set up to sessions in Nashville, Los Angeles, New York, Berlin, Stockholm and London, to work on new material with a variety of songwriters and producers.

“It’s amazing to get to work with so many talented producers and writers and some really fantastic songs have come out of those collaborations,” she says of the US sessions Charlotte. “I just spent three weeks in Woodstock and it was magical.

“It feels like such an important place to write music and capture recollections. But when it’s all said and done, I’m delighted that the next single is 100% me with no outside influence.”

Of the new single, she said: “Rumours Don’t Work comes from a time when I found myself in the middle of a web of rumours being spun about me and people I know.

“The opening line ‘Rumours don’t work if the lies still hurt’ was the catalyst for the whole song. I wanted to address the way people in cliques behave, whether that’s in a working environment or in a classroom.

“It’s easy for people to form an opinion on something they don’t understand or to criticise and castigate individuals they don’t know personally. I guess I ended up writing an anti-bullying anthem. I wanted to create this little fairytale world where just for a moment we could imagine that sort of negativity doesn’t exist. Rumours Don’t Work is a statement of intent – we won’t let other people’s opinions define us”

She also recently supported fellow Scottish Music Award 2019 winner Tom Walker on his Home Run Acoustic Tour in Dundee and Glasgow, and has announced that she will curate Scotland’s first all girls songwriting camp, in Dundee and tying in with International Women’s Day.

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