70s teen-pop phenomenon the Bay City Rollers – starring Les McKeown have returned with their first single in over two decades – ‘Rock’n’Roll It’s Christmas Time’, via Forrest-Boombox Records.

Remarkably, McKeown started writing the song at the height of the Rollers’ success, but was only resurrected when he met with songwriters John McLaughlin and Jud Mahoney aka The Boombox, who have previously worked with Busted, Westlife and Michael Jackson.

The festive tune is the first release from a new album, due out next summer, consisting of songs, like the festive tune, which started sometime between 1970s – McKeown having left the band in 1978. But recently new bandmates Si Mulvey, Alex Toff, Phil Hendriks and Scott McGowan have joined Bay City Rollers Starring Les McKeown – the name quite specifically showing that McKewon is the only original member, although in a recent interview he talks about how he’s on good terms with his former colleagues.

(Yeah, we know it’s not your usual jockrock fare, but can’t resist a bit of tartan…)