Ballboy release a festive single, ‘Me, and You, and the Ghosts of Christmas Past’.

Available to download via Bandcamp, the track is the first new material from the Edinburgh act – on this occasion in the form of band frontman Gordon McIntyre – since a 2014 single JK Rowling changed my vote from No to Yes.

Preceding this, the band’s most recent long-player was another seasonal effort, the mini-album ‘Merry Christmas to the Drunks, Merry Christmas to the Lovers‘, from 2013.

However, McIntyre has been busy during recent months, with a series of ‘Coronavirus Live Sets‘ – nearly 20 podcast-style pieces which have generally seen the Edinburgh-based songwriter revisit some of his band’s classic material.

Of the new song, McIntyre said: “I have been avoiding all other Christmas songs by pals in case they infected me with their goodness and made me insecure. I’m gonna grab a drink and listen to them all now…”

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