Baby Chaos release their fourth album, ‘Ape Confronts Cosmos’, on the Three Hands label.

The five-piece – Chris Gordon, Bobby Dunn, Grant McFarlane, Davy Greenwood, Alan Easton – returned after a hiatus lasting close to two decades with 2015 long-player ‘Skulls, Skulls, Skulls, Show Me The Glory’.

Before that the Glasgow act were a fixture on the Scottish scene, their back catalogue launching in 1994 with ‘Safe Sex, Designer Drugs and The Death Of Rock And Roll’, folowed by 1996’s ‘Love Your Self Abuse’, listed by Kerrang! as one of the “100 Best British Rock Albums of All Time”.

Singer and guitarist Chris Gordon says of the new record: “Our fourth album as Baby Chaos represented a very different challenge to album three.

“For ‘Skulls…’, we drew on many songs that had been lying around for years then added to the cacophony with a host of newly written songs. For ‘Ape Confronts Cosmos’, we were faced with the blank slate more typically encountered by an active group between albums.

“Would inspiration strike? And, if so, would it unleash a torrent of enthusiasm that we could white-water all the way to a great fourth album? The feeling among the band is that this may be our finest work yet.

On the changing world that has shaped their new material, Gordon added: “It seemed a few years ago that people started to believe that the world had lost the plot. That line of thinking never really held sway with me, and it doesn’t now, although I confess the whole Trump thing almost converted me.

“I started listening to long conversations between people with opposing views who could disagree strongly yet graciously. It was such a relief to know these conversations were happening, that I devoured countless hours of podcasts listening to things way beyond my intellectual capacity.”

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