Auld Spells release a new single, ‘That’s The Way It Goes’ on the Basement Tapes label.

It’s #7 in a series of tracks which follows ‘I Hope‘, released in early January this year.

Available to download via Bandcamp, or stream, the track is described by frontman Tommy Danbury as “a dreampop meditation on the climate crisis and an admission of guilt by previous generations, including our own, that have done little to slow the damage inflicted on the world.”

Danbury – formerly of LA-based acts Lower Heaven and Magic Mirror – formed Auld Spells in 2019 after relocating to Scotland, where he was joined in the Edinburgh-based by Peter Wilson (of the band Rome), Rob Spellsman, and Murray and Sandy Raeburn (of the Raeburn Brothers).

As per all the bend’s recent releases, the song comes with a video, created by Portland, Oregon based artists Zak Margolis and Melody Owen.

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