Auld Spells release a new single ‘I Hope’, on the Basement Tapes label.

The track is available to download via Bandcamp, or to stream if you disapprove of musicians receiving reasonable recompense for their work.

It’s the six in a string of singles over the past year, following December’s release ‘14th Floor‘, and ‘Dead Gurl‘ from the previous month.

The Edinburgh-based quintet’s latest release was written by Tommy Danbury, who describes it as being “about forgiveness and new beginnings but delivered with a bit of a knife twist.”

Danbury – formerly of Washington DC acts Lower Heaven and Magic Mirror. – formed Auld Spells in 2019 after relocated to Scotland, and joining forces with Peter Wilson (of the band Rome), Rob Spellsman, and Murray and Sandy Raeburn (of the Raeburn Brothers).

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