It’s not easy, standing out in a scene well-served for indie bands making powerful, atmospheric rock. However, with a couple of singles already in the bag, Atlas Run look like they could stand out from the crowd.
We decided to find out more…


We’re Atlas Run and we consist of Paul Howie on vocals & guitar, Ryan Hamilton on lead guitar, Stefan Connor on bass and Ryan Monteith on drums.

Atlas Run


We started writing and jamming in mid-2016 after the demise of Ryan and Ryan’s old band These Little Kings. They found the other two of us on local musician groups on Facebook and we found we all got along and worked together pretty well. We launched our first two singles in October 2016 and have kept ourselves pretty busy since!


We’re from Glasgow and the surrounding areas. It’s a amazing to be in a city with such a great and diverse music scene. We get to play with and learn from some great bands but at the same time everyone’s fighting for that little bit of attention.


We rehearse every week which is great as it gives us a chance to work on new stuff in a full band setting and try out different things. We usually sit on tracks for a while before we properly record and release them (mostly because we’re skint and recording is expensive.)
Again, this is a bonus as playing them live lets us gauge what works and what doesn’t, so by the time we’re ready to hit the studio we’re confident that the songs are as good as they can be.


We’re a Indie/Alt Rock band. We like to think we fuse Paul’s intimate, personal songwriting with grand and layered instrumentation to create an energetic, catchy and distinctly Scottish sound. Chances are if you like Fatherson, Frightened Rabbit, The Xcerts and so on, you’ll like us.


We’re a bunch of music geeks really and just love playing music together. There’s not much that comes close to the satisfaction of playing a good gig or someone telling you they genuinely enjoy your tunes. If we could get to a point where it’s what we do for a living it’d be a dream come true, until then we’ll keep grinding away and being skint!

The new ‘Depths’ EP is available on all streaming services including Spotify

Atlas Run play the following dates on their tour with Losing Ground.

04/11 – Glasgow, King Tut’s
08/11 – Newcastle, Trillian’s
09/11 – Hull, O’Reilly’s
10/11 – Darwen, Sunbird Records

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