Glasgow-based indie actArmy of Moths have released a dog-themed EP as a download and CD.

Lasting 20 minutes, ‘The Canine Trilogy’ contains three tunes – ‘A Canine Prayer’, ‘Astropup’, and lead track ‘Dogs’ – the latter originally written on a PlayStation in 2001, and described as “some kind of nonsense about the story of a dog who turns into a man”.

It’s the first new material from the act in a year, after EP ‘My Kingdom For a Horse‘ in April 2020, which was followed by free download single ‘Why D’ya Have To Be So Freaky?‘ a couple of months later.

Acting as a stopgap while the band work on forthcoming album, ‘A Pleasant Nervousness’ the new tracks were mixed and mastered in Bergen by Andr√© Lund, of Major Parkinson, who also plays guitar to the recordings while his bandmate Sondre Veland contributes drums.

The duo of David and Debz (guitarist JP having been on hiatus recording-wise due to lockdown) own four dogs themselves, with the EP dedicated to Patch, Nelson, Bumpy Dog & Bowie.

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