The name may be familiar – very familiar to some – and the face, likewise, is one which has been a fixture on the Scottish music scene.

Despite his youthful looks, the musical career of Michael Kasparis spans a couple of decades – through 13th Note staples Late Night Foreign Radio, then under The Lowest Form and Anxiety pseudonyms, plus being known to many as founder of Night School Records (and to others from his work at the Monorail shop).

He is also known for spending time on the dancefloor. But that was then… now, he is Apostille…


It’s always been just me, until recently where I roped Lewis Cook in to help me record this mulch and now I’ve opened up the live aktion so it involves my friend Moe on bass and vocals. I’m trying to meet people.


Started in London, on the run from a day job and a day band, and now firmly embedded in Glasgow.


Well, it probably started when I was 15 and got my first guitar and played it atonally in the caravan i lived in but realistically I started Apostille around 2010, messing with drum machines and trying to rip off Italo hits. First gig was 2011…


It’s got more sophisticated but the genus of most of the songs are trying to transcribe an idea using my limited ability. I’ve always thought of this as a learning process, learning how to make things, how to present them, pushing personal boundaries. I’m lucky that people have been into releasing stuff, I’m not sure i’d do it myself again as I’m just terrible at selling myself, you know?


There’s nothing I could write here that I would be happy with.


Carpe Diem

‘Choose Life’ is released on June 8th, on Upset The Rhythm. More at