Andrew Howie releases a new album, entitled ‘Lonely Hummingbird’

It’s a return to ‘proper’ songwriting following Howie’s recent 60-minute electronica opus ‘I Can Sing A Rainbow’

Most of the 10 brand new songs were co-written with five fellow songwriters – Amy Allison, Bill DeMain, Rebecca Pronsky, Steve Taylor, Denison Witmer and Andy Zipf – in Philadelphia, New York, Washington DC and Nashville.

1. Nobody Wants To Know
2. Nickajack (written with and feat. Rebecca Pronsky)
3. Sugar Coat (written with Amy Allison)
4. Dirt (written with Rebecca Pronsky)
5. Companion (written with Steve Taylor)
6. Static (written with Denison Witmer)
7. Testament (written with Andy Zipf)
8. DELTA 1504
9. Standing Up Tall (written with Bill DeMain)
10. Culnakirk Hill