Andrew Howie releases two new EPs, exclusively via Bandcamp.

Both come from radio sessions recorded during the past two years on one for Russell Hill’s Country Music Show on Express FM, and the other for Is This Music? on Regal Radio.

Both feature alternative (and lockdown-recorded), stripped-back versions of songs from Howie’s most recent album ‘Pale White Branches‘.

The is this music? session features three tracks – ‘Madeline’, ‘Open Arms’, and a version of single ‘A Follower, A Fighter’, co-written with Hannah Graham.

And the second trio of songs were originally recorded for Portsmouth-based station Express FM, consisting of ‘California’ and ‘Partick Station’ – co-writes with Alan Kerr and Colleen Souness respectively – and ‘Sycamore’.

Howie says of the unusual releases: “My favourite thing about these new versions is how they bring to the foreground the musicianship of some of those involved in the recording of the album. Just listen to this bare-bones version of ‘Partick Station’ (featuring Iain Hutchison on piano and Lucy Cathcart Frödén on backing vocals) to hear what I mean.”

Cover art for both EPs is by Howie’s long-time collaborator and old friend Derek Steele, who also drew the artwork for ‘Pale White Branches’ and the 2010 album ‘Each Dirty Letter’.

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